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About Infotek Services

Hello, if you are here, it means that you are a technology enthusiast and want to modernise your business. Or perhaps, you want to be a part of the remarkable technological progress going on worldwide. Welcome!

About Us

Digital Transformation has become a buzzword these days. We at Infotek Services focus on providing REALISTIC Digital Transformation services - technology that’s feasible to implement, affordable as per your budget and scalable to match your ambition.The fact that you are here exploring Digital Transformation services proves that you are serious about taking your business to the next level.

Ask yourself, as a business owner, what are the most important Digital Transformation goals that you want to achieve? Chances are, you will say - application & database modernisation, containerisation, virtualisation and later, cloud migration.

At Infotek Services, we align ourselves with YOUR vision and, then design, architect and execute a Digital Transformation strategy that’s practical and that’s tuned to YOUR specific needs.

Our Mission

To Modernise Legacy Technologies of Businesses - Without Disrupting Day-To-Day Operations
We understand that upgrading the IT infrastructure that your company has been using for years is not a one-off task. It requires thorough requirement analysis and an eye for detail.
Our executives will collaborate with and work alongside your in-house IT team.
Addressing Your Tech Challenges With Our Solution
Every company is a technology company these days. No matter which industry you are in, your organisation has to leverage emerging technologies to be able to compete with others. Infotek Technologies will work with you as a partner - not as a vendor - to design, modernise and manage your IT workload.
System Design To Meet YOUR Needs
Every company has a story to tell. One of our clients started as a family business in the clothing industry. Today, it is a 5000-employee strong enterprise. On the other hand, there’s another client that started late, but through aggressive innovation, it is now a known name in the consumer durables sector.

Virtualisation Technology Consultation

You have been hearing about cloud and microservices for a while now. However, you might not have the bandwidth currently to restructure your apps and platform right away. Use our Virtualisation Consulting Services to modernise your apps and platform without the need to go the microservices way.

Containerisation & Kubernetes

Businesses that are starting from scratch or legacy businesses with an advanced outlook can opt for our containerisation services. This requires packing your software with all the dependencies so that it can run independently.At Infotek Services, we have the expertise to transform your apps into containers.

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Our System Design Workflow

Our System Design Service Addresses The “Why” - The Mission of Our Clients

Analysing The ‘Why’

Many people call it requirement analysis. But we term it as analysing the ‘why’ - the objective of the company’s desire to modernise its system.

Blueprint Design

Designing the blueprint or the architecture of the system comes next. This is where we focus on PRACTICALITY - not over-ambitiousness.

Platform Design

At Infotek Services, we analyse the cloud readiness of our clients and take the necessary course of action.

Hardware Design

Even if we are designing virtual hardware components, we need to allocate the resources in a logical manner to maintain performance and security.

Choosing the Right Software

The choice of software depends largely on the vision of a company.We design the software component taking this roadmap into consideration.

Data Design

Infotek Services conducts a thorough analysis of the nature of work done by our clients and applies the best data designing strategy for maximum performance.

Validation & Implementation

This is the step where we make sure that our technological setup is able to address the ‘why’ - the objective of our client. Once that’s confirmed, we implement the project and push it to production.

Continuous Hand-holding

We will always be available for you to mitigate any challenges faced by your business while navigating the new system.

Network Management System

Consolidate all the network info, and manage your org’s network in a centralised way with our Network Management Solution.


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Every Company Is a Technology Company Today

No matter which industry your organisation operates in, if you want to stay in the game - you need to modernise the IT posture of your business.

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