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Your enterprise data is the strongest as well the weakest aspect of your business. On one hand, your enterprise data makes your business valuable and sustains its day to day activities. On the other hand, if any disaster happens in your Data Centre, it can be the doom for your company.

Early detection of issues:

By going for 24/7 monitoring, you get the advantage of early detection of potential issues. Whether it is a performance degradation or a bug in the application, the problems can be detected early before they become full-blown problems. Once the problems are identified, the necessary actions are taken to prevent downtime.

● Performance optimisation:

24/7 monitoring allows organisations to acquire insight into the performance of the systems and applications in their environment. This helps them to design strategies to optimise the efficiency of their DR and DC systems. By identifying the overburdened and underutilised resources, IT teams can make well-informed business decisions and reduce operational costs.

● Business continuity:

With 24/7 monitoring from Infotek, the DC and DR systems remain functional. There are reduced chances of production downtime. Even during a disaster, the DR systems can seamlessly handle the situation. All your workplace operations can be carried out without you having to undergo any kind of disruption.

● Regulatory compliance:

By ensuring that all your systems are monitored regularly, you can remain compliant with various industrial regulations. Proper access control can be maintained, and the necessary backups can be taken to minimise data loss, even in times of disaster.

● Capacity planning:

Regular monitoring of the systems can give you a clear idea of the resource utilisation patterns over a particular time frame. This allows for better decision-making. Based on your findings, you can also plan for infrastructure upgrades. This again ensures smooth workflows.

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