Network Access Control

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Set Up User-Friendly NAC With Infotek Services

Network Access Control is a necessary evil. Modern IT networks in a company can be too difficult to be managed using the traditional NAC framework. With paradigms like BYOD and the usage of multiple different kinds of machines, OS, and software, it becomes difficult for a sysadmin to protect a company’s network infrastructure in a systematic and centralised way.

User profiling and visibility:

Just like your phone’s calculator does not need to access the camera, your company’s department A might not need to access the affairs of department B. This is where user profiling comes in. Infotek Services makes sure that the departments in your company are compartmentalised and that only authorised users are able to access specific parts of the system.

● Policy lifecycle management:

Does your sales team need to know the salary data of all your employees? Of course not! This is where our PLM or Policy Lifecycle Management comes in. We create, define and enforce role-based network access policies ensuring the safety of your enterprise data. A robust PLM makes it extremely easy for your organisation to adhere to various privacy regulations, like GDPR.

● Guest networking access:

In the era of Bring Your Own Device, it becomes difficult for a sysadmin to whitelist authorised systems and push every other system to the guest network. And whitelisting can prove too much of a chore. The solution? Using a passwordless authentication framework like Intune – tailor made for the specific needs of your business.

● Incidence response:

NAC is used not just to control access to your company’s network. At Infotek Services, we make NAC act as the first line of defence for your system network. From identifying malicious devices in the network to enabling the company to trace network logs and find out the source of the malware, from identifying unusual network usage to blocking repeated log-in attempts – NAC is the firewall that every forward-thinking company must use.

Come, let’s protect your organisation’s network without disrupting the day-to-day processes.

At Infotek Services, our customer support team – together with our technical team – builds a culture of acceptance while implementing Network Access Control.