SIEM: The Eyes and Ears of Your Security Team. Use SIEM as Your First Line of Defense Against Cyberattacks

Introducing SIEM: The Security Guard of Your Company

Have you ever thought about the responsibilities that the security person of a big building has? He or she has to keep an eye on everything happening around the place. He needs to monitor the security cameras constantly. He will also have to keep track of all the entry points of the building. Sounds challenging, doesn’t it? Yes, it does. So how would it be if the security person could manage everything from a single place? Things would definitely become more manageable for him or her. The building will also become more secure.

Log management:

Logs are where the answer to all your questions lie. You can analyse the logs to have a clear idea of the security aspects of your organisation. Logs can also provide you with details on attempts made to breach the security of your organisation. The SIEM system acts as a central repository of your logs. This allows for easier log management. You can also correlate logs from multiple sources to detect threats.

● Event correlation and analytics:

In today’s data-driven world, you simply cannot ignore the power of analytics. By implementing a SIEM system from Infotek Services, you will easily be able to perform event correlation and analytics. This can help detect intrusion and save your workplace environment from potential threats.

● Incident monitoring and security alerts:

Imagine having a personalised alerting system that would spring up everytime something suspicious happens in your digital realm. SIEM can do that for you. It acts as a radar and continuously monitors your system for suspicious activities. As soon as anything unusual is observed, an alert is triggered so that the necessary actions can be taken on time.

● Compliance management and reporting:

You would not want to pay a heavy fine for compliance issues, would you? No, you wouldn’t, and you won’t even have to if you have a SIEM system in place. By opting for SIEM services from Infotek, you can perform various compliance management activities in an automated way. You will also leverage the reporting feature of SIEM to generate custom reports for your organisation.

Two Worlds, One Solution: SIEM Services For Both On-Premise and Cloud!

So, defend your enterprise data and application with Infotek SIEM services.