Incident Management

Incident Management – The Executive Arm of Your Service Desk

Modern ITIL-compliant Service Desk is not just about attending phone calls and asking the stakeholder to restart the system. Today, Service Desk plays a proactive role in acknowledging and resolving issues and errors encountered by internal and external stakeholders. This is where incident management comes in.

Infotek Services provides white-label Incident Management services as a part of our Service Desk solution. Keep the QoS stable and productivity high with our IM solution.

Our Incident Management Workflow:

● Incident detection and monitoring :

When you employ Infotek’s Service Desk solution, you get the added advantage of proactive security and performance monitoring powered by our SIEM and VAPT arm. We enable proactive incident resolution.

● Incident categorisation & Logging :

No problem can be solved unless it is defined and documented. We employ ITIL best practices to log, define and categorise incidents for a systematic resolution process.

● Investigation & Analysis :

Our Service Desk team is not there just to receive calls. We investigate the logs and get to the root of the issue before it snowballs.

● Recovery & Escalation :

Our recovery team remains at the frontline whenever an incident takes place. 90% of the incidents are resolved by our t1 and t2 teams. For the remaining 10%, we liaise with internal engineers and system admins and make sure that the issue is resolved at the earliest.

So, improve your IT resilience with our incident management services!

Minimum downtime and maximum productivity

With incident management services, the downtime can be reduced significantly. This helps in enhancing the productivity of your organisation. All the various processes can take place smoothly.

Identification of potential issues

By availing of incident management services from Infotek, you will find no problem at all in identifying all those issues that repeatedly occur in your workplace. You can then take the necessary steps and get rid of the issue permanently

AI-powered automation

We will integrate AI-powered automation into your system to completely transform how your ticketing system works. This is going to help improve the ticket resolution experience to a great extent.

SLA management

We have predefined SLAs set for different types of incidents. We will ensure that the incidents are taken care of within the SLA. Our technicians will also ensure that there is no SLA breach.

Infotek Services has always been one of the top names for incident management services. We follow a well-structured incident monitoring process to help you deal with issues.Our incident management team has proven expertise in handling incidents of different verticals. They will treat the problem from the roots and not just from the surface.

So, give yourself the desired peace of mind with our incident management services.

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