SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response)

Being a company owner, your primary responsibility would be to protect your digital fortress from all kinds of attacks. You need to ensure that your company data remains safe at all times. Otherwise, all your efforts will lead to nothing. So how do you achieve this objective? How can you ensure that your company remains protected from security threats? Well, here’s SOAR for you – the Superhero for your Security team.

Here’s what makes SOAR perfect for the security infrastructure of your company:

Orchestration – Unify your security tools and processes

Security orchestration refers to integrating security tools across your system. It acts as a connecting layer between the automation aspects and the security processes. This speeds up the threat detection process.

Automation- Automate the boring stuff

Security automation involves handling security-related tasks smoothly and streamlined without repeated manual interventions. The tasks include scanning for vulnerabilities, looking at logs, etc.

Response – Take immediate action before the damage is already done

As soon as any suspicious activity is detected, an alert will be triggered by the SOAR system, and an immediate response will be taken before your entire IT infrastructure becomes vulnerable to security threats

Feature highlights


Simply responding to alerts is never enough. It is equally important for you to set priorities for the alerts and take action based on their priorities. The SOAR solutions by Infotek can auto-respond to alerts generated by security tools on the basis of their priorities. This helps to increase the overall efficiency.

SOC response

How would it be if you could have a clear view of the security aspects of your organisation from one platform? Well, Infotek Services has got you covered. With the SOAR solutions offered by Infotek, the security teams will get access to a centralised dashboard to monitor alerts, reducing the time to detect and respond to critical issues.

Data validation

SOAR doesn’t stop at just gathering data. It can automatically validate data from different sources. It also enriches the alerts with additional context from threat intelligence feeds and external databases. This, again, can help you make well-researched business decisions.

Enhance Your Defense Strategy With SOAR

Now you can solve crimes faster than Sherlock Holmes with the SOAR solutions from Infotek Services.Infotek holds the honour of being one of the best SOAR solution providers to companies across various industrial niches.

With our security solutions, you can maximise the use of your security tools. You can automate various security operations of your organisation and ensure uninterrupted services.Our SOAR solutions also allow you to automate incident response and conduct an advanced audit of your company’s systems.

Benefits for Customers:

Reduced costs
Fast remediation
Improved efficiency
Customised solutions

So, unite defence, response, and automation with SOAR services from Infotek!

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