Element Management System (EMS)

Get Full FCAPS-Compliant EMS System From Infotek Services

Managing network elements is not just about monitoring it – it’s about keeping it up and running, as well as secure. This is only possible if you can have clear visibility of your network elements – their health and performance from a centralised dashboard. That’s where Infotek Services comes in.

Our Element Management System ensures that your IT network remains robust with 100% uptime – that too with minimal human intervention.

Give Your Organisation the Gift of 360° Element Management Service

Continuous Monitoring

No need to keep an eye on your network health when you have EMS from Infotek Services up and running. We automate the health checkup of network and network devices, ensuring proactive monitoring and predictive alerting to prevent any potential disruption.

● Continuous Configuration Management

How can you make sure that all the network devices are acting exactly as you intend them to be? – By creating ‘desired’ configuration profiles for the network devices and monitoring whether they are adhering to the profiles. You can automate this with EMS. It’s that easy.

● Continuous Usage Monitoring

Gain insight into which device, which department and which user is using how many network resources – using the EMS dashboard. Get an accurate picture of the cost of network resource usage and create logs of which user used network resources when and for how long. These logs can go a long way in identifying the root of disruption and malware infection.

● Continuous Security

Secure your enterprise data with Element Management System. Automate the authentication process and alert the administrator in the event of unauthorised network access using our EMS. Remember, your first step towards implementing a zero-trust policy is by using EMS. Keep your data encrypted, continuously audit your network and alert the admin whenever something out of the ordinary happens.

But Why Entrust Infotek Services With Implementing EMS?

● We Ensure Proactive Patching of EMS Whenever a Vulnerability Is Exposed
● We Make Element Management Systems ‘Talk’ To Each Other.
● We Make Your EMS Wholesome By Marrying It With NMS

The Reputation, Efficiency and Success of Your Company Depend On a Robust and Secure Network

EMS Is Unavoidable Because The Uptime of Your Network Is Indispensable