Patch Management

Elevate Your IT Infrastructure With Top-Notch Auto Patch Management From Infotek


With the auto patch management services from Infotek, you can save yourself a considerable amount of time. There won’t be any need to patch the services manually.

Minimum downtime

You can reduce downtime by creating a custom schedule for patch management. The normal workflow will also not get disrupted.

Improved productivity

Our patch management services can also help you to improve your organisation’s productivity. You no longer have to deal with outdated software.

Here’s what we have got to offer:

With Infotek Services, dealing with vulnerabilities will no longer remain your concern.

Custom scheduling

We will help you customise the patching schedule as per your workplace requirement. This can help reduce downtime. You just have to provide us with an idea of how you would like us to proceed with the patching activities, and we will get that covered for you.

● Patch testing and validation

The patches are tested in a controlled environment to ensure they don’t cause any unexpected problems. This again has got a big role to play in avoiding chances of production issues.

● Vulnerability assessment

The software vulnerabilities are carefully assessed so critical vulnerabilities can be prioritised and the systems can be compliant. That way, you will no longer have to deal with non-compliance issues.

● Integration with ITSM tools

The patching solutions can easily be integrated with IT Service Management tools so that the patching schedule remains well-coordinated with other processes of your system. This ensures seamless operations of your systems.

● Rollback capacity

If any patch causes any problem to your system, the rollback policy can be applied, and the system becomes functional again. This helps you save yourself from business downtime. You can also carry out your business operations in a well-coordinated manner.

So, shield the systems of your digital ecosystem with patch management services from Infotek.

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