Data leak prevention

Protect your Data. Protect your Company.Stay ahead of the curve with high-end data leak prevention services from Infotek.

Data Classification

Contact Infotek services to classify your sensitive enterprise data on a scale of how critical it is in preserving the success, reputation and compliance of the company.

Data Flow Monitoring

To keep your enterprise data secure, you must first know which dataoriginates from where and where it goes – via which department. Infortek Services is here to investigate this flow of data.

Data Protection Policy

This is an era in which just file level data protection isn’t enough. You need row level data privacy measures. Contact Infotek Services for a comprehensive data protection

Challenges That Can Be Addressed With Infotek’s Data Loss Prevention Services

The human element is often the biggest threat.

In most cases, employees are the weakest link in a company’s security chain. They often make mistakes like clicking on phishing links or setting weak passwords for their accounts. This can expose the company’s data to various threats.

With Infotek’s data leak prevention services, the activities of the employees will be continuously monitored so that the chance of a data breach is reduced significantly. The data leak prevention services will prevent access to unauthorised data.

● Implementing security policies on your company network is often a challenge.

With so many computers and systems in your network, you may find it challenging to implement security policies across your network. However, without enforcing security policies, there is always a risk of your company’s data becoming vulnerable to attacks. It can also lead to massive financial losses.

The experts at Infotek Services will enforce data security policies across the various systems of your network. This will again act as a means of damage control and protect your data from security threats.

● It’s not just about the money. It’s about reputation.

Data leaks are a threat to the reputation of your organisation. If your customers’ data gets leaked, they will never feel the urge to trust your company again. They will back off from doing regular business with you. Your company will also have trouble regaining its lost fame.

Infotek Services will help you keep your reputation intact. We will analyse your workplace requirements and develop a highly advanced data leak prevention strategy to help you protect your data.

Prevent data leaks before they end up causing massive damage.

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