Network Management System (NMS)

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Why Choose Infotek Services For Network Management?

Physical + Virtual Devices:

Today’s Network Management System will remain incomplete if it is incapable of monitoring the network usage of virtualized devices – such as those hosted by VMs or cloud platforms. At Infotek Services, we build NMS using tools that are compatible with both on-prem and abstracted systems.

Interoperable NMS:

We at Infotek Services know that NMS systems try to box companies into their own ecosystem of network devices. This can be bad. At Infotek Services, it is our constant endeavour to make sure that your business doesn’t get locked into any specific ecosystem. That’s why we use tools like Chkmk or Solarwinds that can ‘talk’ to a wide range of devices and protocols.


Upgrading the Network Management System as the bandwidth of your enterprise IT workload increases can be quite challenging and disruptive. If you want to avoid growing out of your NMS, contact Infotek Services. We keep the future in mind while building your Network Management System.

Our NMS Offerings

Network Health Monitoring

Leverage our NMS to keep a close eye on network performance. Identify bottlenecks with bandwidth monitoring, make sure that the network remains fast and responsive with latency monitoring and keep your system reliable by identifying and preventing packet loss.

Utilisation Monitoring

Are your network devices being used optimally? Is a particular device being overwhelmed with too much traffic? Monitor network device utilisation proactively with our Network Management System. Keep your network devices running optimally.

Automate Network Configuration

What happens if a manually configured device tries to communicate via port 80 instead of port 443? Your enterprise data remains at risk of being compromised. With our NMS services automate network configuration in a systematic, error free manner making sure that your company remains compliant with data security protocols.

Automate IP Address Management

IP Address Management (IPAM) is a part of NMS and can be extremely valuable in automation and monitoring anything that’s related to IP addresses. Automate the process of assigning IP address to a network device, monitoring the usage of network by IP addresses and ensure zero duplication of IP addresses.

Device Monitoring

Keep a close watch on the devices connected to your network – how they are using the network, where the device is located in the organisation and their network usage trend. When we say devices, we also mean virtualized devices as well.

Map Your Network Devices

Infotek Service enables you to have a clear visualisation of your network – with device interconnection map, network topology creation and more.

Infotek Services Allows You To Monitor Containers and Kubernetes With NMS

If you don’t take Kubernetes and Containers into the equation when creating your Network Management System, your organisation might suffer now or in the future. Each container can be considered an independent application itself. Hence they have their own network usage requirements. While Kubernetes solves much of the network-related complexities, our NMS enables Kubernetes to connect to the network in a wholesome and error-free way.

Leverage The Power of NMS With Modern Paradigms!

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