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Top-Notch Application Support Services: Where Innovation Meets Reliability

No matter how well-designed and developed your app is, it’s inevitable that there will be problems from time to time. This is where application support services step in – ready to save the day – and your sanity! Application support and maintenance services ensure that your workplace environment’s applications are always up and running. The services will always keep your applications up-to-date with your ever-evolving business needs.

Our Services

Bug Fixes and Patch Management

We work with your in-house software engineers and play a proactive role in fixing bugs and adding functional improvements to your enterprise IT workload. With our dedicated VAPT solution, we perform scheduled audits of your application and network configuration, ensuring the safety of your business and its customers.

Backup Solution

We manage, automate and orchestrate timely backups of your enterprise data so that you can rest assured that even if an incident occurs, your enterprise data is safe and practically invincible.

Database Administration

In this world of big data, your data can easily turn into chaos if not maintained properly. We at Infotek Services have included Database Administration in our ASM package. Keep your enterprise data secure, organised and ready to be analysed with our DBA services.

ERP & CRM Functionality Support

Tweaking the functionalities of ERP and CRM to support the evolving needs of your business can be more difficult than it looks. Our trained techno-functional ERP specialists make sure that you get the most out of your setup without needing custom integrations.

Comprehensive Code Maintenance

Adding new features is ‘cool’. But what about keeping the performance of your existing code stable? Our proactive code maintenance service empowers your organisation to reap the benefits of stability. Keep code conflicts and vulnerabilities at bay and ensure every part of your application is well documented – with our code maintenance services..

OS Security & Performance

Keep the underlying OS of your virtual instances secure with timely updates and patch management. Let your VM perform optimally with the right kind of configurations and resource management.

So, for seamless app support, get in touch with the experts at Infotek!

Be Proactive:

Save time and money with predictive and proactive application maintenance, and never experience any downtime. Reactive maintenance can be costly and it will obviously hurt your reputation. Keep providing top-notch services to your customers. We’ve got your back.

● Expertise That Counts:

Our experience and expertise make us stand out from the crowd. We are highly experienced at what we do. We have been offering top-notch application services to our customers for a while now. This has made us aware of all the latest industrial trends. You can count on us to keep your applications running at all times.

● Custom Solutions:

One-size-fits-all? Not our style. We are more inclined towards offering each of our customers personalised services. We will carefully analyse your business requirements and devise a solution to meet your business goals perfectly.

Your Applications, Our Responsibility

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